Friday 4 December, 2020

Travelling to The Bahamas? Here are new measures for your safety

The Bahamas will reopen for visitors on July 1

The Bahamas will reopen for visitors on July 1

The Bahamas will reopen its borders to tourists on July 1.

In an effort to prepare the islands to welcome back tourists, a Bahamas Tourism and Recovery plan has been drafted.

The 200 plus-page plan was unveiled on Tuesday and contains protocols to guide all sectors of the tourism industry: hotels, airports, seaports, casinos, restaurants, tour operators, tax drivers, Airbnb facilities as well as protocols being adopted by the major airlines that service the country.

Among the initiatives to be implemented are enhanced sanitisation in all areas, certification, and guidelines for employees.

Here are some of the protocols you should be aware of as a visitor to The Bahamas.


Passengers arriving at The Bahamas may be screened and if a passenger shows symptoms of COVID-19, they will be immediately moved to the quarantine area away from other passengers for further testing and evaluation.

All arriving passengers will be required to wear appropriate PPE (mask), which should be enforced by the airlines while onboard.

A maximum of 10 passengers is recommended to be disembarked at a time


Point of Sale terminals are to be assigned to a single server where possible and sanitised between each user, before and after each shift.

Tablecloths are to be removed and replaced after each guest experience or use disposable butcher paper.

Condiments are to be served in single-use containers (either disposable or washed after each use).

Menus are to be single-use and/or disposable

Existing porous placemats (including Chilewich style) are to be replaced with linen, single-use disposable or non-porous placemats that can be machine washed and sanitised after each use

Bar seating is to be reduced or removed to assist with physical distancing management.

Lounge seating floors are to be reconfigured to provide adequate space for physical distancing.

Branded floor stickers are to be installed on the floor leading up to host stand (and other points of service) to provide the appropriate distancing.

Tables and booths are to be utilised with appropriate physical distancing between each guest.

Napkin service is to be suspended until further notice (no placing in a guest’s lap or refolding).

Cocktails will no longer be garnished.

Tableside cooking and buffet services will be suspended until further notice

All food and beverage items are to be placed on the table, counter, slot or other surfaces instead of being handed directly to a guest.

Hand sanitiser stations will be at the host stand for guests’ use as they arrive and depart from the restaurant.

Only bottled water is to be served in restaurants.

Room service

Food will be set on tables in the hallway and guests notified when the table is outside of the guest’s room (plate covers remain) – guests will retrieve their own table.  

Request that guests notify staff when finished with their meal and place their trolley in the hallway outside of their room.

Printed menus are to be removed from rooms

Minibars are to be locked; all loose products are to be removed, and service suspended until further notice.

Cold beverages should be served in sealed containers, accompanied with sealed biodegradable straws.

Guests will be encouraged to fill ice buckets from ice machines located on guest room floors.


No more than four guests would be permitted per SUV and no more than two per sedan.

Guests will not be permitted to sit in the front passenger seat.

No welcome/farewell handshakes or hugs permitted.

Spa and fitness facilities

Prior to a massage, all body areas to be touched must be disinfected with alcohol, with a required percentage of 60 percent and above.

The massage therapist must wash his/her hands with soap and use hand sanitizers in between clients.

Staff must sanitise all spa areas every 30 minutes, including, bathrooms, door handles, equipment etc and spa utensils must be disinfected after every use.

Safety goggles and other PPE must be worn by therapists.

Nail services must be performed with plexiglass between the guest and the technician.

Therapist’s room must be equipped with medical-grade sanitiser, along with disinfectants for the guest; medical-grade disinfectants, ultrasonic, and UV light sanitizing equipment.

All therapists will be required to obtain a new health certificate.

Three guests will be allowed to sit in the spa waiting area at any given time.

One guest will be permitted to enter the treatment room along with one massage therapist.  

Signage highlighting health and safety protocols and physical distancing requirements, must be visible to staff and guests.

Plexiglass barriers are to be installed in reception areas to reduce direct guest contact during service engagement.

All gym equipment to be sanitised after each use.

Personal towels must be brought to the gym by guest



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