Wednesday 14 November, 2018

Trinidad and Tobago weather: More sunshine, watch out for showers

Here's a look at today's weather courtesy the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service: 

Generally sunny conditions will be interrupted by one or two periods of light to moderate showers.

There is the small chance for heavy showers and thundershowers in few areas mainly over Trinidad and the Leewards during the afternoon.

Tonight will be mostly clear despite brief showers.



Seas are slight with waves below 1.5 metres in open waters and near calm in sheltered areas. 



Trinidad: 32'C (max)

Tobago: 31'C (max)




High tide: 4:38 am, 4:21 pm

Low tide: 10:18 am, 10:57 pm


High tide: 4:21 am, 3:54 pm

Low tide: 9:54 am, 10:33 pm