Monday 13 July, 2020

Trinis win award for Best Tasting Cake in the World

The best tasting cake in the world is officially a Trini one. 

Trinidadian chefs, Michelle Sohan and Kathleen Lange made the country proud after their cake was given the award for Best Tasting Cake in the World earlier this week at the World Cake Designers Championship 2017 in Milan, Italy.

The group, which was one of 20 countries which competed, also placed seventh in the World Cake Competition which was held by the FIP Federazione Internazionale Pasticceria Gelateria Cioccolateria

In a public Facebook post, Sohan, who owns local business Bakery Treatz, thanked all those who helped her and Lange win the coveted prize. 

"What an experience!!! As I settle down, the adrenaline rush subsided, I can finally share some of my thoughts! Firstly, there's so much to be thankful for, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would be here, I Italy, at such a huge competition!"

"Thank you to the Federation of International Pastry, Gelato and Chocolate Campionato Mondiale FIPGC, for including our little island, the president, Roberto Lestani, and the beautiful Kristina Rado , it was great to finally meet you! To my coach, Kathleen Lange , couldn't do this without you, but no more boot camps! To Manuela and Babara of Mabanuby Cake Designs , I cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and support in Italy! To Nick, Margarita, Keiri you're the bestest! To Sidney, Mike and Michelle of Simi Cakes, #SimiIsomalt, thank you. To Norman R. Davis, almost 4 years ago you embraced me and my desire to go further, and look where I ended up! To Ronald , who took a flight just to bring my suitcases to Miami, Stacy Hackshaw (A's Creation), for sponsoring my cake cases! To Hansen from Roastel Coffee, we won best taste, with the best coffee! To Kailash and the big Q, your cocoa is the best! To the Cocoa Research Unit, in particular Matthew and Darin, a huge thank you! To my staff, especially Shalini, for staying with me through all those long hours, and my two favorite sisters, Karen and Lindy, for reminding me of where I started, and how proud they are, and to Justin, you were my strongest pillar when I needed you, and my biggest critique, all with love!"

"And not by any means have I covered everyone, but I have not taken any moment for granted. Long hours, a lot of sacrifices, and a talent born out of an accident so many years ago...the Lord is my light and my strength!"

(Photos: Michelle Sohan and Kathleen Lange)

Sohan said the theme of this year's competition was 'Discovering Chocolate and Coffee' and their creation featured the country's local chocolate and cocoa heritage with cocoa dancers, coffee and cocoa paintings of workers in the fields and chocolate bon bons, with techniques such as cocoa butter painting, chocolate sculptures, various hand piping styles, edible stained glass, figurines and much more. 

(Photo L-R: Sohan proudly stands next to their creation along with her award while an close-up shows the intricate detailing of their cake.)

Sohan's teammate and mentor Kathleen Lange, who owns her own business as well, also shared to social media about the amazing experience. 

"I am so proud of our World Cake Decorating Team Trinidad & Tobago....Michelle, Justin Ryan Marchack and I worked together to design one AMAZING cake, so proud of our team!"

"There were a few difficulties that set her behind during the competition, the flash freezer stopped working three times, this set her slightly behind. All the judges were amazed by her her coach i'm so proud...her BEST work Ever, we made top 10," said Lange.


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