Tuesday 14 July, 2020

T&T Beekeepers' Association warns of fraudulently labelled honey

Honey consumers are being warned of fraudulently labelled honey, which is being removed from circulation.

The Trinidad and Tobago Beekeepers' Association made a post on October 18 to its Facebook page as follows: 

"It has come to our attention that the honey branded as "Rani and Son's" is currently under investigation for Mislabeling. All Rani and Son's bottles with the fraudulent use of Apiary Number 1658 is being removed from circulation.

"The TTBA is urging the public to report such incidence to the Food and Drug Inspectorate at 623-5242, 624-5968, 623-2834. Please be guided accordingly."

According to Section 58 of the Beekeeping and Bee Products Act

“Every person who produces, sells, offers for sale or has in his possession any honey intended for sale or consumption in Trinidad and Tobago shall be responsible that each package or container is plainly and indelibly marked as follows:

(a) On tin and glass containers up to and including ten pounds capacity: name and address and the word “Honey”; the letters shall be of a size compatible with the size of the label design.

(b) All other containers: name and address and the word “Honey”; the net weight of the honey contained; registered Number of Apiary (where offered for sale by the Beekeeper or his agent).

Under Section 59 of the Act, any person who sells or offers for sale honey other than his own production shall use the registration number of the apiary to designate the producer. In such cases the name and address of the dealer as well as the registered number of the apiary producing the honey shall be marked on the container.

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