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August 10,2020
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Friday 7 August, 2020

TTCG continues search for missing fishermen

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) has given the assurance that they are searching for the fishermen that were stranded at sea after being forced into the water by pirates that stole their vessel in the vicinity of Orange Valley in the Gulf of Paria on Tuesday.

In a release, the TTCG said at 3:08 pm on July 23rd, they received a report of a robbery at sea involving seven vessels with potentially five people still in the water. The informant indicated that he, along with other fishermen, were beaten and ordered to enter the water.

The Coast Guard said after receiving the information, a vessel left Staubles Bay to investigate and commence a search and rescue operation through the coordination and execution of detailed searches in the Gulf of Paria. The statement added that they also coordinated an urgent marine information broadcast (UMIB), based on the information provided, to alert other seafarers and those with maritime interest of the situation.

According to the TTCG, additional maritime assets were also deployed to provide further coverage and support to the search and rescue operation in the area. Other parties were also engaged to provide further coverage and support to ensure a quick resolution to the situation.

The country's coastal defence and maritime law enforcement branch said it will continue its search efforts and work toward protecting the island's interests.

"The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard will continue to provide the necessary coverage and operational coordination with regard to this situation and remains committed to maintaining the safety and security of the citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as stated in our mission statement "to defend the sovereign good of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and to provide, on a continuous basis, quality service for security and safety within its maritime boundaries and in any other area of responsibility agreed to by the state to fulfil its international obligation." Searches are being conducted and are scheduled to continue."

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