Sunday 21 July, 2019

T&TEC: No warning issued on fires caused by cell phone chargers

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) has denied issuing any notice concerning house fires caused by overheated cell phone chargers.

In a statement on Friday, T&TEC said it was aware of a message circulating on social media purporting to contain a warning issued by the Commission regarding cell phone chargers, but it had not issued any such notice.

The bogus message alleged that there were three recent instances in which houses were burned to the ground due to loose wires in cell phone chargers sparking and causing fires.

T&TEC said, however, that members of the public should periodically check wires and plugs on all electrical appliances, as loose, old or frayed electrical wires can lead to a fire.

The electricity provider further advised consumers that any charging device that is not in use but left plugged in still uses electricity and it would be prudent to unplug them to conserve electricity, thereby reducing the household electricity bill and saving natural gas.

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