Wednesday 2 December, 2020

T&TEC sending crews to Tobago

Crews from Trinidad will be sent across to Tobago tomorrow once the airbridge is reopened to assist in the restoration of electricity in areas without service following the passage of Tropical Storm Karen.

Trucks will also be deployed once the inter-island ferry starts sailing.

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission said, in its latest update, that reports of electricity outages in Tobago caused by the Tropical Storm have increased to approximately 60, a combination of area outages and individual reports.

Most of the impact is concentrated on the Northside and Windward side (east) of the island and work will continue throughout the night to restore supply.

T&TEC said already customers in parts of Louis Dor and Delaford are back on and, from John Dial to Pembroke were expected to be back by 7 pm.

"All efforts are being made to get the other areas, from Moriah to Castara and the rest of the windward side, back on supply within 24 hours. Some individual outages which require further work and assistance from TEMA regarding road access, will receive attention soon after," T&TEC said.

Giving an update on the situation in Trinidad, T&TEC said the adverse weather has caused trees to fall on lines on the North Coast Road and in Maraval.

T&TEC said the Diego Martin Regional Corporation is helping to clear the debris in Maraval and additional crews have been called out to assist with the North Coast Road and several areas between Chaguaramas and Barataria.

Four communities in Rio Claro/ Mayaro are receiving attention as well as Toco, Maracas St Joseph, Caura and Rampanalgas.

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