Saturday 30 May, 2020

TTPS Corporal fights Constable at police station

Two police officers got into a scuffle while on duty at the Maloney Police Station in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The incident occurred around 2.35am and involved Cpl Ragoobir, PC Audain and WPC La Foucade as witness.

All three officers are attached to the Northern Division Emergency Response Patrol (NDERP) Unit.

According to reports, the confrontation began because Cpl Ragoobir instructed PC Audain not to make entries in the Station Diary. 

PC Audain, however, attempted to write in the diary three times.

Things got heated when Cpl Ragoobir covered the open Station Diary with his hand.

PC Audain reportedly exclaimed “what the jail boy?” and struck Cpl Ragoobir to the face, causing him to fall on WPC La Foucade who screamed and ran out of the office.

Cpl Ragoobir got up just as PC Audain began writing in the diary. The Cpl told the PC he was under arrest. PC Audain replied “Leave me alone”.

A struggle ensued and they both fell to the floor.

TTPS officers then entered the area and intervened.

Cpl Ragoobir was taken to the Mt Hope Hospital where he was treated and discharged with a prescription.

PC Audain was conveyed to the Arima Health Facility where he was attended to and later transferred to the Mt Hope Hospital where remains warded in a stable and satisfactory condition. He is being kept for observation.

Meanwhile, PC Audain could not be interviewed by police due to injuries he sustained to the mouth and head.

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