Wednesday 22 May, 2019

TTPS to donate $25,000 to Nyasha Joseph's daughter

Speaking on Friday at Joseph's funeral at Daybreak Assembly in Morvant, Williams said the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) will create a 'police award fund' of $25,000, which will be placed into a bank account for Joseph's four-year-old daughter, Skylar. 

"(The) COP has some authority under the law to make use of resources assigned to what we refer to as a police award fund. I am seeking to utilize some out of that award fund and make it available to support the initiative of the association in the creation of a dedicated special account to facilitate support to Skylar in her time of need and also to support her as she grows up, knowing for a fact that while her mother is not there, that her police family is there."

"As a demonstration of key support to that position we will be placing $25,000 into that account...and we will be reaching out to the large police family towards donating," he added, mentioning the possibiity of backpay which should be paid to officers soon."

Williams said Joseph's passing has extended beyond the nation as he has received condolences from police commissioners within the region. 

"This event is one which the region itself will recognise and I will bring the remarks shared with me by other leaders within the region, and share with you, the members of this congregation and especially today, the mother of Nyasha Joseph, Ms Paula Guy. Ms Guy, the entire nation of Trinidad and Tobago and the entire region is mourning the death of your daughter," he said.

He said the discovery of Joseph's body at sea was 'divine intervention' as it allowed the family to receive closure. 


'Citizens, speak up now'

Bishop Dr David Ibeleme said the time for citizens to speak up about crime is now because when police officers are affected it is "a completely different ball game".

"I say we do not treat the death of a police officer like any other murder. We do not. It is a completely different ball game. When people start taking the lives of police officers then all of us are in trouble...I have my own ways to talk about it and I may not be able to say all that I want to say on how I feel on the matter… but let it be known that I will say that it is not the same as any other murder."

"It is important to realize that anybody who decides to take the life of a police officer does not care about the life of any other citizen. As far as I am concerned it is a greater crime to take the life of a police officer than any other citizen in any particular country. And that is the way it is for me. It is a serious thing for me."

"I want to let you know you are not safe. Your days of preserving yourself are over when they start to kill police. So you better speak up now." 

"All this nonsense about being afraid to talk and you ‘fraid to ded [sic], this is not the time for that. When they start taking police lives forget about being afraid to ded, you are dead already, so you might as well start talking."

Acting Senior Superintendent Surrendra Sagramsingh, head of the North Eastern Division where Joseph worked, said she had a cheerful disposition and was a good team player.

"WPC Joseph, in her short career, displayed signs of being a model police officer. She was courteous, professional, and reliable for all her responsibilities. She was a person with a cheerful disposition and did not display any anger or resentment, although she may have had problems of her own."

"The qualities this officer displayed is a testament to her upbringing and her family."

"The passing of WPC Joseph has plunged her family and the entire TTPS, the population of the country, into mourning. She was a joyous and loving team player, who worked exceptionally with others, and her co-workers can give testament to this.

"She will be remembered by all attached to the North East Division," Sagramsingh said.

Joseph's body was discovered by a fisherman in the Caroni River on March 16, 2017, after she went missing on March 10. 

Kenneth Browne and Melissa Browne were charged with her murder on March 20, 2017.

The case has been postponed to April 18.


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