Tuesday 28 January, 2020

TTPS issues advisory on back-to-school safety

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has issued an advisory to parents and guardians of primary and secondary students as they join the travelling public to get to and from their respective schools. 

In a statement issued following its weekly media briefing, the TTPS said that it has been sensitising the public to certain safety practices where their children and charges are concerned.

Parents and guardians are reminded to pay special attention to their children, taking time to note and address any situation that may compromise their safety. Ensure that reliable transportation facilities are in place for their safe conveyance to and from school.

"Arrangements should be made to ensure that they are properly supervised before leaving for school, and again on their return home. Be reminded that as parents and guardians, you have a responsibility and indeed a duty of care to exercise over all those who are under your charge," according to the statement. 

"Be observant, taking time to pay attention to and address any behaviours exhibited by your children that seem unusual. Sudden changes in their behaviours that seem uncharacteristic, may be a sign that something is wrong. Early detection and a timely intervention can assist greatly in addressing most issues."

The TTPS also provided a checklist of action items for parents and guardians to advise their children: 

1. Advise your children to make use of footpaths, and not the roadway as far as practicable;

2. Where footpaths are absent, advise them to walk on that side of the roadway on which vehicular traffic is flowing in the opposite direction;

3. Remind children to be alert on the street and do not play or be distracted, as a minor error could be disastrous;

4. As far as possible, they should make use of designated crossing zones such as pedestrian overpasses, ‘Zebra’ and ‘Pelican’ Crossings;

5. Before crossing the road, children should ensure that vehicular traffic has come to a complete stop;

6. Remind children to be on the lookout for drivers that may choose to overtake stationary traffic, thereby putting them in harm’s way;

7. Encourage them to continue to pay attention to all lanes of traffic while crossing the road and walk briskly;

8. Wherever police officers, traffic wardens, and school crossing guards are present, children should ask them for assistance in crossing safely.


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