Saturday 24 October, 2020

TTPS: Stop bashing missing persons

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) slammed some citizens' derogatory comments regarding missing persons, calling for them to cease and desist.

In a social media post, the TTPS said the comments were of great concern as the details of the missing cases, expecially those involving minors, are sometimes not known. 

'The TTPS notes with great concern the derogatory comments by some users geared towards missing persons. When persons go missing, we do not know the circumstances.'

'We urge users that if your contributions do nothing except bash and demoralize some missing persons, especially minors, who were in harm's way, to please cease and desist. Our role is to Protect and Serve with PRIDE!'

The statement was made following several comments made under a notice involving a minor who had been returned home safely.

Several citizens spoke out against the hurtful comments:

Annclaire Hutchinson Campbell: 'I am a mother of 2 teenagers and some comments are so one knows what these children are going through or what dangers they face. Just stay quiet if you have no intentions of helping. They are children!'

Nikki Lewis: 'I'm so glad that she was found unharmed, young people have so much stress to deal with these days, this world is no longer a nice place, we have have to keep looking out for young people who may get lost along the way...I hope whatever situation she is dealing with gets resolved in a timely manner.God bless her.'

Laura Mohess: 'Such negativity and sanctimonious judgement from people ‘she look old , she gone to look for man, she hot‘. Geeze man! What does that matter? We are in a crisis , let us be each other’s keeper . This world will never be the same and right now it needs more kindness . Don’t judge ppl. You never know what could happen in your own house. This child is still a minor and I’m glad she is found. We don’t know what happened here.'

Anyone with information on a missing person is urged to contact the TTPS on 555, 999, or 800-TIPS, or via the TTPS app. 

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