Thursday 28 May, 2020

TTPSSWA concerned over images of woman posing in police uniform

Images of a woman posing for pictures in what appears to be the jackets worn by an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and an Inspector of Police (Insp) is of serious concern to the President of the TT Police Service Social and Welfare Association (TTPSSWA).

Speaking to LoopTT, Inspector Michael Seales said that he had been made aware of the images yesterday afternoon, and it had left him frustrated.

“I don’t want to say too much about this matter because I know it is under investigation currently.

But what I will say is that it is that for this situation to happen in the same week when the organisation is under such scrutiny and criticism… it is a dangerous thing indeed.

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Trust once lost, is not an easy thing to gain back. And we need the public to have faith in us and to trust in us, for us to do our duties effectively. So without casting blame yet, as inquiries are still going on, what I will say is that this is not a good look, and it has me concerned and frustrated. And I hope the organisation will recover quickly in the near future,” Seales said.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams has instructed the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) of the TTPS to investigate the images.

"PSB has been given clear directions that the matter is to be treated with a level of urgency so that the appropriate action can be taken."

The images were selfies of the woman wearing the uniform and tactical wear bearing the name and number of ASP Michael Sooker of the North Eastern Division.

A statement from the TTPS noted that the unidentified woman appeared to be pictured at a police facility.

The Police Service Act, Chapter 15:01, 62 states that a person other than a police officer who without the written authority of the Commissioner, puts on or assumes the uniform designation or description of a police officer, is liable to a fine of $30,000 or three years imprisonment.



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