Tuesday 23 July, 2019

TTPSSWA president hopeful after meeting with Commissioner Griffith

President of the TT Police Service Social and Welfare Association (TTPS) Inspector Michael Seales has described a meeting with the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith as fruitful.

Seales met with Griffith at the Police Administration building in Port of Spain Thursday afternoon.

Speaking with LoopTT on Friday, Seales said that he was pleased with the meeting, and was bouyed by the eagerness that the new police commissioner displayed while speaking to the executive of the TTPSSWA.

However, while he was hopeful, he said that that the organisation would still be keeping a watchful eye on the commissioner of police to see if he was indeed a man of action, and not a man of talk, as Griffith has described himself in the past.

Seales told LoopTT that while many topics were discussed, the TTPSSWA focused on three issues, the rebranding of the TTPS, promotions for officers, and the issuance of body worn cameras as well as non-lethal weapons.

“These three pillars are what will keep the TTPS alive and well and are in line with what Mr Griffith has said in the past as it relates to rebranding the TTPS and rebuilding trust. We want to take that further, we submitted to him that the organisation should have new uniforms to reflect this new drive.

“Furthermore, our officers should be promoted as many men and women have been languishing in acting positions for far too long. This has demoralised many of our membership, so promotions will lead to motivation of the TTPS to do their duties even more assiduously than they currently are. Also in that same vein, there should be considerations for merit based rewards, like housing or cash allowances, for officers who go above and beyond the call of duty throughout the country.

“Finally, we believe that non-lethal weapons and body cameras are a must. They will further restore trust in the police service better than almost anything else. Because people will no longer be able to claim victimisation when there are recordings to prove otherwise.

And it goes the other way to, if an officer is out of line, he or she can be held accountable. Non-lethal weapons are just as crucial. Situations may arise where a person is not armed with a firearm or knife, or that person may be mentally challenged. There needs to be a means for the TTPS to bring down that individual without creating danger to the suspect, or to the officers themselves,” Seales said. 


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