Saturday 24 August, 2019

T&T’s temperature hits a nippy 19°C, coldest for 2019 to date

Photo courtesy Kate Matheson/Unsplash.

Photo courtesy Kate Matheson/Unsplash.

Temperatures continue to dip in Trinidad and Tobago, hitting a nippy 19°C - the coldest on record for the year, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service.

The Met Office said in a statement Monday that Piarco recorded a chilly 19°C in the wee hours of Monday morning.

“During the early hours of the morning at Piarco, we recorded a minimum temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. This was the lowest temperature for the year thus far.”

The Met Office said these low temperatures are normal for this time of year and can be the result of several factors which occurred simultaneously, such as calm or near-calm winds, almost no cloud cover, combined with cold winds originating from the North in the lower levels of the atmosphere (over Trinidad).

The Met Office said these factors together increase the amount of 'Outgoing Longwave Radiation' from the Earth's surface at night (the surface cools faster).

The Met Office said the record for the lowest temperature at Piarco was a chilly 16.1°C, recorded in January 1964.

On January 10, 2019, temperatures dipped to 21.6°C and many Trinbagonians reportedly felt the cooler weather.

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The Met Office said in February 2017 that it recorded a cool 19.6°C in Piarco, the coldest on record in the previous five years.

On February 2, 2008, the Met Office recorded a chilly 18.7°C.

The Met Office said these colder temperatures are expected to take place for the remainder of January into February.

Have you been enjoying these cooler temperatures, or is it a bit too cold for you?

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