Thursday 21 June, 2018

Turtle group slams beach bonfire lime after hatchlings killed

A local turtle conservation group is blaming a local event company's bonfire lime for the death of 85 turtle hatchlings. 

According to the Blanchisseuse Environment Community Organization, local event group, Sunsetters, hosted a bonfire event on Blanchiseusse beach and the heat from the fire allegedly killed the turtle hatchlings which had been buried there. 

The group said the hatchlings emerged from the location of the bonfire. 

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The group, however, did apologise, saying that they were not aware and quickly put out the fire once they were told to. 

Some citizens were upset and questions were raised as to whether permission had been given for the bonfire. 

Nalini Nagassar: "But there's a sign as you enter, saying it's a protected area ?! Typical Trinis who ignore for self-gain and pleasure."

Tee Bee: "Shouldn't they ban this type of thing during turtle nesting/hatching season? If it's a beach that is known for them to nest on. Why is it humans have no regard for the marine animals that come from far to lay their eggs here??"

Mera Maharaj: "First of all you should not be setting fires in the beaches. Besides Blanchiseusse is known for turtles hatching eggs.. why would your group even consider to light a fire there. Definitely inhumane. You should all be penalized for your deed. An apology won't bring those turtle back. It's pure negligence on your part."

Loop has reached out to Sunsetters for comment.

Turtles and their habitats are protected by law and it is illegal to damage turtle nesting grounds or harm, keep or sell turtles.