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Thursday 13 August, 2020

TV station refuses to apologise for erroneous story, Parliament claims

Local television station CNC3 has reportedly refused to apologise to the Office of the Parliament for “erroneous information” in a report regarding the use of a 360 degree camera to photograph the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader greeting each other ahead of a meeting between the two on Tuesday.

Subsequent to a statement on Thursday where the Office of the Parliament maintained that the 360 degree camera and all other cameras were removed from the room before the meeting began, a statement today from the Parliament said is it disheartened that the television station has refused to apologise for the erroneous headline and 'Your Vote' question carried in its 7pm newscast on Wednesday.

Corporate Communications Manager at the Office of the Parliament, Jason Elcock explained to the reporter who wrote the story that a 360 degree camera which was used for the photo opportunity between the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader was removed from the room before the meeting started, but the 'Your Vote' question which was used throughout the newscast erroneously asked whether the Opposition Leader should have been informed of the presence of the camera during the meeting.

The headline reportedly remained on the CNC3 website until Friday morning during which time persons would have been led to believe the Office of the Parliament acted improperly and dishonestly.

The Office of the Parliament again clarified that it is established practice in diplomatic circles that photos are taken of the parties meeting before talks begin then all photographers along with their equipment are removed from the room.

It restated this is exactly what happened at the Parliament on Tuesday and no cameras were in the room during the meeting.

The Office of the Parliament stressed that CNC3's “erroneous reportage” also led to numerous discussions which brought the Corporate Communications Department of the Office of the Parliament into serious disrepute.

It said, notwithstanding all the evidence presented, CNC3 is refusing to apologise to the Office of the Parliament.

“CNC3 and its parent company Guardian Media Limited are all too aware that brand reputation is paramount. The Office of the Parliament jealously guards its reputation as a non-partisan organisation which serves all Members of Parliament,” the Parliament added.

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