Friday 21 September, 2018

Twitter reactions to T&T beating the US in World Cup qualifier

With Trinidad and Tobago beating the United States and denying them a showing at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Twitter was lit. 

On one hand the Americans were expressing shock and outrage that their team would lose to T&T which many dubbed the worst team in Concacaf. On the other side of the divide were joyous Trinis, happy to see revenge exacted 28 years after the US denied their home team a spot in the World Cup Finals back in 1990. 

Trini stars living and working in the US did not hide their pride.

Salty Americans could not believe their team lost to such a small country

Some seemed not to know that T&T is, in fact, a twin-island state

Trinis however, own Twitter and were not about to allow anyone to wash their mouths on us

And in the end, one man had to concede: