Thursday 26 November, 2020

Two detained following cop’s shooting

Two more persons have been detained following the shooting of superintendent of police Garvin Simon. 

The two men, 21 and 25, were detained yesterday afternoon in a bushy area off Factory Road Extension, Oropune Gardens – a short distance away from where the first suspect was held.  

Police said a firearm was found nearby. The weapon was seized and is expected to undergo ballistic testing. 

Simon, police said, was shot in the leg earlier this morning at the Airport Gateway Service Station in Piarco, during a robbery attempt. 

He shot back at his attackers, causing them to flee. 

It was suspected that one of the men had been injured in the incident, which was captured on CCTV footage. 

This operation was overseen by Snr Sup David, with assistance from Cpl Jaggasar, Cpl Griffith, Cpl Bridgemohansingh, PC Remy, PC Guevara, WPC Thomas, PC St Clair, PC Kerr, among others. 

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