Monday 28 September, 2020

UK report: Teen wins ticket to 'Sex Island'

A 16-year-old boy from Chile has won a free ticket to Sex Island, a four-night drug-fuelled orgy-filled event purportedly hosted on a private island near Trinidad and Tobago.

One ticket to the controversial event costs US $4500 (down from its original US $6000 price tag) and boasts unlimited sex with at least two women to every man.

According to a report from The Sun, the teen, identified only as Brian, won the golden ticket to the sex fest, which purportedly begins on Wednesday.

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Organisers the Good Girls Company offered a chance to win a free ticket for an all-expenses-paid trip to the event, telling those that purchased merchandise from their online store that each item would allow them one entry into the draw.

Brian entered the raffle using his dad’s credit card without telling him.

His parents were reportedly initially angry on learning that he had entered the raffle and won, but his father “researched about it and liked what he saw too.”

His father has since given him permission to attend, signing a permission slip as he’s not an adult.

The teen is quoted as saying he hopes to lose his virginity: "Losing my virginity is really important to me at this time in my life."

Brian’s mother is still against the trip but the teen said he will be taking a plane today to travel to Trinidad and Tobago’s Piarco International Airport.

On arrival at the airport, the group of 50 men will be taken to the docks, where a luxury yacht will transport them to the mystery island, according to the sex fest’s organisers.

The event takes place from December 14 to 17.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said no permission was given for this party. He added that the Police Service will be swift to prevent any event in breach of this country’s laws.

National Security Minister Stuart Young, who responded immediately after seeing the initial article on the upcoming sex fest, said he has ordered an investigation into these claims. He assured that under his watch, no such event will materialise.

In a statement on Tuesday, Young said law enforcement will be extra vigilant to ensure the sex party does not take place.

"I have seen the reports of a suggestion that there is to be some event taking place at an island off of the North of Trinidad, carded as a ‘Sex Island Party’.

I have asked law enforcement and Immigration to monitor this and to make it known that such an event and the suggested illegal actions to take place will NOT be tolerated by Trinidad and Tobago.

The suggested illegality of drug use and prostitution is of concern to me and I have requested that positive action be taken to ascertain whether there is any veracity to the suggested event and to be extra vigilant to prevent any such event taking place."

When contacted, Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell said he nor his Ministry was aware of this event.

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