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August 10,2020
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Saturday 8 August, 2020

UNC accuses Minister of lying to cover up incompetence

UNC Chairman David Lee is denying statements made by Public Utilities Minister Fitzgerald Hinds that protest action undertaken by Morvant residents was influenced by UNC activists.

In a statement, the Point-a-Pierre MP accused Minister Hinds of disregarding the cries and pleas of the residents of Morvant and environs by claiming that their concerns were politically motivated.

He said this not only signifies an abrogation of the Minister’s Parliamentary duty of working for the benefit of the nation's citizens but demonstrates a lack of compassion, commitment and vision for the people of these communities by the current administration.

The UNC Chairman said media reports suggest that these protests were as a result of a lack of a proper water supply, poor roads and community infrastructure as well as an absence of employment opportunities.

He added that these claims of underdevelopment are consistent with claims from other communities under this Government’s stewardship and are therefore not a result of political mischief as being touted by the Public Utilities Minister.

The Point-a-Pierre MP called on the Government to stop playing politics with the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago in an effort to mask their poor performance. He said it is high time the Government actually works to enhance the lives of its citizens.

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