Friday 30 October, 2020

UNC denies link to Cambridge Analytica

The United National Congress (UNC) is denying any link to Cambridge Analytica.

The controversial company allegedly harvested information from millions of Facebook users without their consent and used it for political advertising purposes. 

This follows the revelation by Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi on Thursday that Government is seeking evidence from Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower Christopher Wylie.

The Attorney General was responding to a new Netflix documentary on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which Trinidad and Tobago was featured.

According to the documentary, “The Great Hack”, a Cambridge Analytica operative worked on a campaign in Trinidad and Tobago in 2013 with the slogan “Do So”, inciting a certain strand of the population not to vote.

Speaking at a UNC media conference on Friday, Naparima MP Rodney Charles described the AG Al Rawi’s announcement as another distraction by the People’s National Movement.

“They cannot get away with distractions. You all must not allow them to use email-gate and Cambridge Analytica and all kinds of dotishness to hoodwink the population,” he said.

Charles further accused the Attorney General of pursuing a ‘witch hunt.’

“Maybe you may wish to ask the Attorney General to present a contract in which the UNC signed with Cambridge Analytica. What were the deliverables and what was paid?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Opposition MP Dr. David Lee, who was also present at the media conference stated that the UNC had no part to play in Cambridge Analytica.

“But Mr Charles and the UNC led by the Kamla Persad-Bissessar had no part to play in this Cambridge Analytica. And I also to guide you to maybe the leader of the COP at that point in time, which would have been Mr. Winston Dookeran,” Lee said.

Lee was asked if the party was wary of the whistle-blower giving evidence.

“We are not wary of anything. You see, the government of the day is trying to change the narrative of the mayhem on the land and sea and the crime issues and the non-governance and the anarchy that has stepped into this country to Cambridge Analytica,” he said.


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