Wednesday 27 May, 2020

UNC National Women's Arm hits back at PNM Women's Arm

Anita Mohammed has been missing for some time

Anita Mohammed has been missing for some time

The UNC National Women’s Arm is hitting back at the Women's Arm of the People's National Movement. 

In a release, the UNC National Women's Arm said the PNM body failed to stand up for Anita Mohammed who disappeared and a young mother who was recently murdered by an abusive partner.

"The PNM Women’s Arm failed to stand up for these women and instead chose to issue releases on Nirmal “Massive” Gosein latest Chutney soca release and today a release defending their members from public scrutiny regarding their alleged indiscretions that have been made public.

"The UNC National Women’s Arm questions the motives of the PNM Women’s Arm and we ask of them is the lives of our Nation’s Women who are being slaughtered not important? Have we lost all empathy for grieving families and is our support selective in nature?"

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The body said with the murder toll continuing to rise, they are calling on the PNM Women’s Arm to stick to the issues and stop blaming the UNC.

"Stand up and demand our citizens be protected! The UNC National Women’s Arm continues to lend its support to domestic abuse cases and families in need of our assistance," the group said.


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