Wednesday 15 July, 2020

UNC welcomes probe into CA but calls it 'election distraction'

The United National Congress (UNC) says while it welcomes the investigation into statements made by Canadian whistleblower Christopher Wylie, it sees the allegations against the party as a political stunt by the People’s National Movement (PNM).

Wylie wrote a book entitled Mindf*ck in which he linked the ruling People’s Partnership (PP) government to political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica (CA).

CA is accused of harvesting the personal data of millions of peoples' Facebook profiles without their consent to use for political advertising purposes. The company is said to be behind the successful election of US President Donald Trump as well as the PP 2010 campaign among others, which was exposed in the Netflix Documentary, The Great Hack.

In a statement on Thursday, the UNC said Police Commissioner Gary Griffith’s announcement of an investigation is well received, but said it seems like an election gimmick.

“We maintain that this is yet another attempt by the Keith Rowley administration to deflect from his Government’s failures and inability to govern for the last four years.  Mere days before citizens go to the polls, the PNM has resorted to trying to distract the country from the real threats facing the people, which are their inability to deal with crime, unemployment, high food prices, failing infrastructure, as well as serious allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct levelled against members of this Rowley regime.”

The UNC reminded that when the allegations were first made over a year ago, it said it would support an investigation by the Commissioner of Police, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Integrity Commission, who are the appropriate persons to conduct investigations into allegations of breaches of the law.

“The PNM’s decision to repeat these spurious claims now is not surprising, as it is in line with their track record of distractions to try to fool people in the hope of winning the election. In 2013 Rowley came with ‘EmailGate’ which was proven by Google, the Integrity Commission and then by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to be fabricated.”

The Opposition said in spite of this it will not be deterred as continue its local government candidates are meeting with their burgesses and listening to their concerns. 

“We have presented a comprehensive plan to take Trinidad and Tobago forward.  Where are the PNM’s plans?  They have no plan, and nothing to speak about because they have done nothing in four years.”

“The PNM knows that citizens are fed up and frustrated, and on December 2nd will choose the team with the vision, plan and ability to get the job done.”


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