Sunday 20 September, 2020

UNC Women's Arm congratulates T&T's first female President

The UNC National Women’s Arm says it looks to the country's first female President, Paula-Mae Weeks, to lead as an example of equity and fairness during her tenure. 

In a statement on Monday, the group said this historic occasion is proof that all citizens, regardless of creed, race or gender, can rise to leadership.

The group also looked to Weekes' history as a former student of Bishop Anstey Girls High School, which fostered the ideals of excellence, leadership and citizenship.

"It is said that to understand someone's worldview you need to look at their formative years. Madame Weekes is a "Bishop's Girl", the product of Bishop Anstey Girls High School which was founded in 1921."

"Bishop Anstey's driving purpose: "Girls should be given the same opportunities to an exceptional education that had already been given to boys for nearly a century...regardless of their racial and/or socio-economic background"."

"According to the school's website, the vision is to "produce women capable of managing and leading change, dedicated to community service and representing the model of good citizenship"."

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"The core values are spirituality, loyalty to school and country, integrity, commitment and respect for all. The graduates look forward to becoming women "prepared for leadership in a rapidly changing world...with a contribution to make to the betterment of our world".

"We wait for our new President with great anticipation as she leads in our tumultuous world," the group said. 

The group added that this momentous occasion is not only a celebration of the reach of women but "also is the hope that all citizens regardless of their gender, creed or race may rise to provide exemplary leadership for our nation".

"Congratulations Justice Weekes and May you use the powers vested in you to encourage fairness and equity," the group said. 

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