Friday 4 December, 2020

Underperforming SEA students to get support through vacation programme

Underperforming Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) students in Tobago will continue to get support from the Vacation Enrichment Programme.

According to Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles, their progress is going to be tracked as they progress through secondary school.

The third iteration of the programme, which began on Monday, July 8, is aimed at supporting students who scored below 30 per cent at the Secondary Entrance Assessment but are moving on to secondary school.

Charles said the programme will help students improve their Math and English to make the transition to secondary school easier. There is also a component that focuses on helping the students to boost their self-confidence.

“…I can tell you from my own experience in interfacing with them over the last two years, their self-concept is usually at a very, very low level,” Charles said.

“And once we deal with that and point them in the areas of success, then they become more enthused and more receptive. Because there is nothing that breeds success like success.”

Registration will be done once students are registered at their assigned schools.

The mandatory programme, which takes place at the Teachers Professional Development Centre, John Dial, will conclude on August 2.

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