Tuesday 26 May, 2020

UNIPET responds: We have no other supplier

UNIPET’s future supplying Trinidad and Tobago with fuel is uncertain following Paria Fuel’s decision to cut their supply. The company revealed that they have no other gas suppliers that can help to keep their pumps open.

Calling Paria’s decision ‘unfortunate’, UNIPET says they’ve continued negotiations with Paria since April and expected that their misalignment would be resolved. They’ve also taken Paria’s cut off as a signal that they are withdrawing from the negotiations.

UNIPET says Paria is displaying no regard for the impact their withdrawal could have on the industry and its consumers. They said, “By virtue of its share ownership, Paria is acting on behalf of the state and appears to be pushing the market toward a monopoly situation which has in the past resulted in significant drains on the treasury and poor standards of operations.”

UNIPET assures that they will be taken whatever necessary action in order to ensure that they can continue operating.

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