Saturday 24 August, 2019

UPDATED: Historic buildings demolished in Sangre Grande Clean Up Campaign

Citizens for Conservation has strongly condemned the demolition of four historic buildings in Sangre Grande.

The group says on April 22,  the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation demolished four historic buildings: the Old Warden's Office, Old Fire Station, Old Magistrates Court and the Manzanilla Old Post office

"Built between 1898-1909, these buildings were the founding buildings of the town of Sangre Grande. They represent the prosperity the arrival of the TGR train brought to the town and the rapid growth that took place. The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation should work with the community who were calling for the buildings to be saved instead of working against them. Local government is important in the fight for heritage preservation," the group said on its Facebook page. 

The demolition was led by Rural Development and Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein as part of his Ministry's clean-up campaign in Sangre Grande. 

Hosein posted images to his Facebook page in which he is operating a backhoe to begin demolition of the post office. 

He told Loop the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation identified those buildings for demolition. 

He said as part of the clean-up campaign, each corporation has to submit a list of derelict buildings to be demolished.

"Whatever happened there was under the guidance of the regional corporation." he said.

Noting that he founded the San Fernando Heritage Trust with the late historian Angelo Bissessarsingh, Hosein said had he known the buildings were historic sites he would not have demolished them.

As the campaign prepares to roll into Arima and Tunapuna, the last two districts on the schedule, he urged citizens to hold consultations with their Mayors and Chairmen if there are concerns about any historical sites in their areas.

Terry Rondon, Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, did not respond to any of Loop's calls.

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