Thursday 1 October, 2020

Updated: Vehicle recovered after being stolen at gunpoint in Palmiste

A vehicle  stolen by gun toting bandits in Palmiste, San Fernando on Saturday night, as one man visited his friend’s house to collect empty barrel with his van, has been recovered.

Officers found the van abandoned at the side of a road in Green Acres, Cross-Crossing on Sunday.

Over the weekend, Renard Samlal took to Facebook, detailing the incident from the moment his friend arrived at his parents' Block 6 Palmiste home, to the moment the bandits left with the van.

He described the incident as tragic, lamenting that the country is not safe anymore.

Samlal said everything happened within seconds of his friend arriving at the house.

He said his friend Kieron Singh arrived at 10:15 pm to collect empty barrels.

Samlal said in less than five seconds, Singh was ambushed by gun-toting bandits.

“At 10:15pm tonight I witnessed something tragic and experienced something that would forever change our lives! At my parents home in block 6 Palmiste San Fernando my friend Kieron Harnarine Singh came to collect some empty barrels with his van! In less than 5 seconds when he came out d vehicle not even having enough time to close his front door a silver y12AD Wagon PDJ 6487 pulled up alongside him. Three occupants jumped out of the vehicle and immediately pointed two guns at him,” he recounted.

He said one of the also bandits pointed the gun to him and his family.

 “The other gun was pointed to me and my wife sitting in the front porch with my family. My friend, lied down on the grass and gave them everything wallet phone and the van. TDD 8029 a silver DMAX wit original rims is the description. I pushed my wife inside and my family immediately ran inside. One of the guys pointed the gun at me till I went inside and quieted down my mum. In the haste n scatter we didn’t get to indentify the guys. This happened in less than a minute. They then sped off with both vehicles,” Samlal added.

The traumatised man said the police arrived in less than minutes.

He added that never in his life did he think that he would have to go through something like this, stating that people are no longer safe, even in their homes.


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