Saturday 26 May, 2018

Venezuela sends aid to Cuba after Irma

Venezuela continues to aid some of the islands ravaged by Hurricane Irma, this time sending much-needed supplies to Cuba.

The Venezuelan Minister of Justice, Nestor Reverol, announced the departure of a humanitarian mission from the country's Maiquetia Airport to the island of Cuba, a region that was hit hard by the effects of Storm Irma.

"Today we are starting an air bridge with 10 tonnes of supplies. We are sending different kind of supplies that have to do with humanitarian aid: mattresses, mats, medicines, non-perishable food, drinking water, blankets and everything that has to do with the support we are giving to our Cuban brothers."

An airplane carrying 10 tonnes of supplies made up part of an "air bridge" between the two countries.

Venezuela hopes to mitigate the effects of Hurricane Irma as it passes through the Caribbean island.

Cuba's Venezuelan business manager Luis Trujillo thanked President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan government for their help.

Luis Garcia Trujillo, Cuba's Business Manager thanked Venezuela for its assistance.

"Our gratitude to the people of Venezuela, the Commander-in-Chief, Nicolas Maduro Moros, the Bolivarian government, and the brotherhood of peoples, made evident in this act what it is we are doing here today, thank you very much."

Venezuela also helped Antigua and Barbuda after the island of Barbuda, which was decimated by Hurricane Irma, as well as St Martin.