Friday 24 May, 2019

Venture Capitalist to invest in T&T's fashion and food industry

Dimitris Kosvogiannis wants to invest in T&T

Dimitris Kosvogiannis wants to invest in T&T

A European born lawyer, hotelier and venture capitalist is seeking to invest in the Fashion, food and hospitality business in Trinidad and Tobago.

Dimitris Kosvogiannis, who has spent the last 15 years in development in the Caribbean with projects in Jamaica, and Costa Rica, intends to bring an initial US$1 million to the table for growth and investment in T&T.

A release about Kosvogiannis' upcoming visit to T&T said fashion, food, and hospitality innovation are where his passion lies and where he believes there is a tremendous opportunity for growth and investment on the island.

He will be hosting an exploratory boutique event called “Food Fashion and Finance” on Monday, October 29th, 2018 at 6 pm and is inviting interested parties to submit their ideas for consideration via his website

"As a seasoned Hotelier, he has opened four properties in Jamaica, Spain, and London, and has managed operations exceeding US$100 million a year with over 1000 staff under his stewardship. More recently, he invested in a well-known Italian line of restaurants in Costa Rica where he has acquired the flagship store at San Jose's newest commercial centre. He is also in the process of negotiating the sale of a boutique hotel on the island of Mykonos, in his native country of Greece, which he is planning to fully refurbish and operate with a slated opening date February 2020," the release said. 

The release said philanthropy and mentorship are also core values for Kosvogiannis. He recently undertook the restoration of the Rio Bueno Elementary School in Jamaica and has contributed significant funding and resources to the Davina Bennett Foundation for their projects with the hearing impaired.

"He has been a pioneer and a maverick in Jamaican workers' plight for equal pay and benefits where his mission has been to promote workers in the hospitality industry and limit work permits where qualified nationals can fill the roles.  A strong supporter of human rights and of the less privileged, he has helped several families build homes and send their children to school. As a mentor, he developed an extensive training program to elevate employees into entry-level management positions and promote an environment of mobility and self-worth. His work in the field has been recognised with several awards and he been appointed a member of the Ministry of Tourism's Destination Assurance Council," the release said.

Kosvogiannis currently faces charges of fraud in Jamaica resulting from an intense investigation into activities against one major banking institution. He maintains his is not a case of fraud and he is still conducting business with the banks.

Kosvogiannis' plans for expansion into Trinidad and Tobago have been afoot since 2016, however, said the release, he believes that the sociopolitical climate is now ideal to renew his interest in the island. 

"A student of politics and regional affairs, Kosvogiannis is encouraged by the recent allocation in T&T’s National Budget which specifically identifies the areas of fashion and hospitality as significant areas for growth.  He extends his support and praises for the government of Trinidad and Tobago in a nonpartisan or political form but rather as partners in a creating an environment ripe for other Caribbean nationals to invest in the Republic," the release said.

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