Friday 10 July, 2020

Viaaa rolls out the holiday treats for Christmas

While many know Krave’s sister restaurant Viaaa for its amazing pizza, Cobblestone Bread and the astonishing Barfi Cheesecake, regular customers know that Viaaa is guaranteed to have tasty treats appropriate for every season.

Christmas is no exception - customers can order pastelles and mini pastelles, fruit cake and ponche de crème from Viaaa.

On Tuesday afternoon, Consultant Chef Anslem Arlette presented a range of the holiday items in a series of gorgeous displays including a gingerbread house, yule logs and a custom holiday cake.

Viaaa Holiday Treats

The pastry team has created a series of special treats including hand-painted cookies, sorrel cheesecake, ponche de crème cheesecake, strawberry ornaments and an adorable Choux confection shaped like Rudolph complete with a shiny red nose.

Holiday treats at Viaaa start at just $10.

For more information please call 655-4734 or 658-1248.

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