Thursday 1 October, 2020

WATCH: Jamaican cop scolds driver who can't spell ‘it’

The Police High Command in Jamaica has launched an investigation into a recent incident that was captured on video showing a motorist being reprimanded by a traffic cop after the motorist was caught operating a vehicle with a driver’s licence, but was clearly unable to read.

The location where the incident took place is not clear, except that it was a seaside setting.

In the two-minute video that is being circulated on social media, the motorist is stopped for a traffic violation and is asked to spell a very simple word during the interaction.

After asking the cop for a ‘chance’, the motorist was sternly told that his last chance was for him to spell the word ‘it’, but numerous ‘chances’ that were given to him amounted to naught.

In response to the request to spell ‘it’, the motorists, evidently under intense internal pressure, made at least two attempts, but served up nothing remotely close to ‘it’.

The cop passed a short-term sentence in advising the motorists that ‘Yuh want a r#%* lick, yuh a guh a jail, yuh a guh a jail”.

While some members of the public are commending the policeman for his stance, it appears he may not be in line for any praise for his conduct from within the police force, as the outline of how he dealt with the matter has caught the attention of the Police High Command.

Head of the Police Traffic Division, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, in an interview with Loop News, said the video points to a dangerous situation, as it showed that the motorist was able to acquire a driver’s licence without being able to read and comprehend.

"Being unable to read and comprehend means the motorist would not be able to identify and understand road signs, and as a result, would place other motorists and members of the public at risk," said Allen.

The senior lawman said the video also showed another extreme, which was the unprofessional conduct of the policeman who is heard in the video using harsh language to the motorist.

“The way in which the policeman dealt with the manner is unprofessional, and is not something that we promote in the Jamaica Constabulary force,” said Allen.

 The traffic boss said as a result, the Police High Command is looking into the matter, and warned that the officer involved could be reprimanded for aspects of his actions.

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