Wednesday 21 October, 2020

VIDEO: Fight against locusts continues

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries, Avinash Singh, showed photos and videos as farmers continue to fight thousands of locusts plaguing crops in parts of South Trinidad.

Singh showed a video of hundreds of locusts dying after being sprayed and treated. 


"The video shows hundreds of thousands of locusts being knocked down after being sprayed by the Ministry to prevent losses to farmers at Moruga," Singh said on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Singh attended a Locust Management Committee Meeting at County Victoria, which was done by the Ministry of Agriculture Land and Fisheries in collaboration with the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation, insect vector, Princess Town Regional Corporation and the Siparia Regional Corporation Public Health, to battle the current locust infestation. 

In February, the Agriculture Ministry conducted a public awareness seminar to educate the public regarding the infestation and the Ministry's steps toward controlling it.

Citizens were informed of the life cycle of the locust and the concomitant control strategy that the ministry has been employing.

This formed part of the Ministry’s pest management strategy, put into effect to treat with the Moruga Food Crop Project; (La Savanne) Marac, Cachipe, St. Mary’s, Santa Maria and Edward Trace areas.

Agricultural Officer I, Victoria, Sati Gangapersad, acknowledged that the Ministry's efforts were supplemented as there were some farmers who ‘had become very proactive in the management of their own holdings either through their purchase and application of chemicals and/or by their active surveillance and responsible reporting of the locusts.’

To report sightings of the Moruga locust and for additional information on the agricultural pest, persons are asked to call the Victoria County Agricultural Office in Princes Town at 655-3428/7526/5637.


(Video and photo: Avinash Singh)

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