Wednesday 23 May, 2018

Voice's 'Far From Finished' hits 1M views on YouTube

Voice wasn't kidding when he said he is far from finished.

The 2016 International Soca Monarch's track 'Far From Finished', his follow up tune from 'Cheers to Life', has racked up over one million views on YouTube. 

Voice spoke to Loop this morning where he still seemed to be amazed at his accomplishment:

"Words can’t describe the way I feel right now, esp the nature of Far From Finished, what it saying what’s was meant to do."
For Voice, the song and its message hold a lot of significance for him, not because it's a song proving to his critics that he's not a one-hit wonder as some may believe. The song, he explained, was one of motivation. 
"Me writing 'Far From Finished was a way for me to tell my story in a way for other people to relate to. A lot of people think the song was written for the naysayers to say that I’m not a one-hit wonder, which is actually not true. The song was actually written with the purpose of inspiring and motivating younger ones to continue reaching for the stars, continue being the best they can be. You might reach a stage where you’ve achieved something but you know you have the ability to do so much more...'Far From Finished' was really that song to give you that extra push on a morning. Whether you’re holding down two jobs, have kids to feed, you still have your own goals to achieve. No matter what obstacle that may your’s just about smiling and letting them know you’re far from finished...and speaking to them through success."
"So the whole nature of 'Far From Finished was really was about that...and to see what the song did, what it is doing, means a whole lot to the direction of soca music. I don’t want to feel like I am the person for that because if you look back, there have been songs where David Rudder, Ras Shorty I, Machel Montano and Benjai (with 'Amnesty) have done the same. 

"Words can’t describe how I feel about the response to the song, especially given all that I've been doing this year with all the flying and touring.. and I was still able to find time to write and record 'Far From Finished' and 'Getaway'.I'm really thankful/grateful to the people for all the love and support."

Congratulations, Voice!