Thursday 16 July, 2020

Walter’s back: Stolen parrot returns home

A parrot with special needs which had been taken from his owner’s home was thankfully returned to her, according to a social media post.

Lisa Thomas, whose plight made national news after Walter, a black-headed Caique, was stolen on January 9, 2020, said her pet was returned to her on Sunday thanks to police officers and wildlife wardens.

Walter had been snatched by a suspect who leapt over the wall of the family’s Petit Valley home, grabbed their prized pet and, it is believed, escaped by getting into a waiting vehicle.

However, thanks to the hard work of the authorities and his owner, Walter is back, safe and sound, at home.

Thomas shared an update to social media on Sunday confirming that her beloved pet had been returned to her.

She said: “Walter is having his first bath AT HOME. WALTER IS HOME. I got my birdie back! Thank you, everyone, who networked to help find him and especially the Wildlife Wardens and the Police Officers who worked with them to make this happen.”

It is not known if anyone was detained in connection with the incident.

Thomas has a total of seven birds and five special needs parrots: Frazzle (blackbird), BeeBeeBird (keskidee), Cocott (orange winged amazon), Lito (yellow crowned amazon), Sammy (orange winged amazon), Jose (orange winged amazon), and Walter (black headed cacique).

All relevant permits were obtained for the parrots. 

Thomas also urged people to obtain the necessary permits in order to have parrots and other protected birds. 

"Those of you who have parrots and other animals as pets whereby a permit is necessary, PLEASE contact Wildlife Section to apply for one - it was THAT that enabled me to call on a Warden to assist me. Help them to help you do the right thing," she said. 

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