Monday 6 July, 2020

War of words continues between Top Cop, attorneys

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is again lashing out at attorneys.

This comes after defense attorney Fareed Ali said recent comments made by the Commissioner have left a toxic taste in the mouth of the legal fraternity.

Last week, Griffith said some attorneys are assisting criminals in their activities.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Commissioner of Police said he has no intention of adjusting his tempo to march to anyone else’s view.

“The general consensus of a few Attorneys is for the Commissioner to ‘just shut up’, say nothing and do nothing. It is actually comical that these very few Attorneys have glossed over my statements all of which I recognize the legal right to bail, yet amazingly they continue to neglect this.

My words have been skewed on each occasion. However, I will again repeat for these “criminal lawyers”, that judicial officers must give consideration to the seriousness of the offences being alleged and the other factors as set out in the law. I am only restating the law as it is,” Griffith said.

He said those who object to his comments at those who defend criminal elements.

“This is also why they have issues with police, our job is to arrest those who they defend. There are criminal lawyers and there are lawyer criminals, and I will not apologize for being the catalyst of change or calling out nonsense when I see it. Interestingly enough, these same Attorneys utilise the very same channels to condemn my keeping the public informed of their rights to be protected as citizens.”

The Commissioner added that for far too long the scales of justice have favoured criminal elements and he intend to expose it and do what is required to tilt it toward the rights of law-abiding citizens.

“My oath and duty are to my God and country. I have a nation and law-abiding citizens to defend. The job of others is to defend those who commit violent crime. So I expect them to bray louder as I have only now started to rumble.”

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