Saturday 7 December, 2019

WASA repairs Point Fortin pothole after maxi-taxi falls in

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.

Repairs are being made to a pesky pothole in Point Fortin after viral photos showing a maxi-taxi which fell into it went viral online

The photo showed a maxi-taxi with its front left wheel buried in a pothole, which was later revealed to have been caused by a faulty water main, which caused a portion of the road to collapse. 

Councillor for Egypt Village, Point Fortin, Kwesi Thomas, said the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) had been notified of the issue over the weekend and was scheduled to finish repairs on Tuesday.

He said the issue began over the weekend on Sunday morning, and the hole expanded due to the leaking main. The company began repairs on Monday and were scheduled to be completed by Tuesday. 

Councillor for New Village, Point Fortin, Leslie Pascall said some roads in Point Fortin are in need of repair.

"The roads are not good, we have some holes due for repairs by WASA, we're trying to get them to fix them as soon as possible but it's a challenge for us and WASA at the moment. I think there's just so many leaks, they're struggling to get to all of them in time," he said. 

Pascall said ironically, the community is experiencing water shortages as sometimes they might get water just once per week.

"The residents are not satisfied at all. I constantly have to keep calling WASA every day because basically people getting water once a week in the area," he said. 

WASA has issued water restrictions and will revise its dry season water schedules from March 1, 2019, as the country undergoes drought conditions according to reports from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service. 

The Met Office reported an alarming forecast of 80 percent below normal rainfall across the country for the 2019 dry season. 

Restrictions have been placed on the use of garden hoses and residents have been encouraged to conserve water use. 

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