Monday 1 June, 2020

WASA warns delinquent customers: pay bill or you could lose your home

The Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) will be embarking on an aggressive debt collection drive soon, which may result in your property being sold if you don’t pay your bill.

WASA’s chairman Romney Thomas made the revelation while speaking at the Commissioning ceremony of the Mc Kai Booster Station on Tuesday morning.

Thomas said the Authority has been taking steps to encourage delinquent customers to pursue the payment path through several means including disconnection of service.

However, he noted that more drastic steps will be taken in the near future.

“The Authority will also be embarking upon the next phase of the debt collection exercise which will result in the Authority taking drastic steps to ensure that outstanding rates are paid by using the tools in its legislative arsenal to recover outstanding rates which would lead to the sale of properties, be most recalcitrant of customers,” the WASA chairman said.

Thomas noted that Mc Kai booster Station will ensure that residents of Mc Kai Lands, Belmont receive a pipe-borne supply of water, something they weren’t afforded before.

He said the Mc Kai Booster station will provide a community of approximately 100 households or about 400 persons with pipe borne water supply for the first time.

Also speaking at the Commissioning ceremony of the new Booster station, Public Utilities Minister, Robert Le Hunte urged residents to use the water wisely.

According to Le Hunte the usage of water by the average Trinidadian is about four times what is used by other countries or citizens throughout the world.

The Public Utilities Minister noted that 40 percent of water is wasted through leaks.

Le Hunte is urging citizens to do their part by reporting leaks.

He noted that a new app will be launched soon which will enable citizens to report leaks.

“If there are leaks in your particular area, this new app once launched will allow for you to take out a picture, send it to us immediately and then we could be able to register your leaks.”

Meanwhile, Port of Spain North MP Stuart Young said it was a significant day for residents.

He also added that government is moving to “clean out” corruption at WASA.

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