Saturday 4 April, 2020

WASA warns: Water restrictions still in place

File footage of Navet reservoir.

File footage of Navet reservoir.

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is advising customers and members of the public of the need to maintain strict conservation measures given the prolonged impact of the harsh 2019 Dry Season and the current drier than normal Wet Season.

WASA issued a statement on Monday, which underscored that three months into the Wet Season, its main impounding reservoirs are yet to show any significant recovery despite what may be considered substantial rainfall at other locations across Trinidad and Tobago.

The levels of storage and respective Long Term Averages (LTAs) at the Authority’s four main impounding reservoirs as at Monday September 2, 2019 are as follows:

- Arena: 46.51%, LTA - 69.29%

- Navet: 32.59%, LTA - 70.25%

- Hollis: 22.77%, LTA - 68.85%

- Hillsborough: 55.60%, LTA - 69.17%

"It is important to note that over the month of August, while rainfall levels at Arena and Hillsborough Reservoirs were consistent with the LTAs, the Hollis and Navet Reservoirs received deficits in rainfall of 85.6 mm and 113.8 mm respectively, when compared to the LTAs at these locations," WASA noted.

As a direct consequence of this situation, production levels at both the Hollis and Navet Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) are still being maintained at approximately half of their capacity.

In light of this, customers in parts of Arima and D’Abadie (served by the Hollis WTP) as well as parts of Tableland, New Grant, Princes Town and Mayaro (served by the Navet WTP) will continue to experience a reduced regularity of pipeborne water supply. The Authority, however reassures affected customers of its commitment to working with local government and other representatives, towards providing a supplemental truck borne water supply to customers in the affected areas.

Customers and members of the public are again encouraged to maintain stringent water conservation measures by only using water as required.

The temporary water supply schedules as well as the water use restrictions imposed in January 2019, remain in place until further notice.

The water use restrictions refer to the use of water supplied through a hosepipe or similar apparatus for the purpose of watering gardens or washing motor vehicles, sprinklers, pressure washers, decorative fountains, waterfalls and other outdoor artistic features that utilise water.

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