Tuesday 17 July, 2018

WATCH: Ain Earle aims to increase awareness, support for Alopecia

Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune skin disease, causing hair loss on the scalp, face and sometimes on other areas of the body. People of all ages, both sexes, and all ethnic groups can develop alopecia areata. 

There are a number of people living with Alopecia in Trinidad and Tobago, however, there is very little data on people living with the skin disease, nor are there support groups. 

Ain Earle was diagnosed and has been living with Alopecia since 2004. She founded Bald Beauty to create a space to raise awareness, support and uplift those living with the disease in Trinidad and Tobago. 

She stopped by our studio to share more on the disease, as well as talk about the foundation she intends to launch that will lend more awareness and support to those who may be suffering alone and in silence.