Monday 22 July, 2019

WATCH: Are these green or yellow? Federer decides...

Maybe you’ve never thought about it. Maybe you’re convinced they’re green. Or maybe you’re firmly on Team Yellow. But it doesn’t matter anymore, because tennis great Roger Federer has conclusively answered the all-important question: What colour is a tennis ball?

The Swiss star gave his verdict in response to a question shouted out by a fan, and posted by his daughter, Delaney Dold, on Twitter.

“Okay it’s official. My Dad just asked @rogerfederer if tennis balls are yellow or green and he said they are yellow,” she wrote. Here’s the moment, courtesy of Delaney, when Federer gave the world his history-making judgement:

Apparently a lot of people care about this issue – the video has already been viewed more than 360,000 times on Twitter.

What do you think? A very unscientific poll of the Loop Jamaica team turned up three votes for green, two for yellow.

The debate is continuing on social media too. “Rodger is God-ger and he is correct,” wrote one man on Twitter. “THEY ARE GREEEEEEEEEEN,” wrote another impassioned commentator. And some even went beyond the parameters of the green-yellow debate, suggesting they could be lime, chartreuse or even “grellow”.

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