Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Watch: Auntie Ashley's turns tiny tots into water babies

At first thought, it might sound crazy to think about enrolling your infant in swim school...they can barely walk! 

While most may think that it's safer for babies to learn how to swim when they're older, the reality is, there are a multitude of benefits to be gained from teaching infants how to swim. 

Ashley Alonzo of Auntie Ashley's Swimming School offers personalised one-on-one swim classes for infants from as early as three months old. During her private classes, tiny students learn the basics including floating, how to tread water and paddling. Alonzo's love of swimming is equally matched with her love for children.

A national swimmer and water polo player, Alonzo is a PED CPR Trained Private Swimming Instructor certified by the World Wide Swim School and is also recognised by AustSwim and Swim Australia; she is also a member of the American Swim Coaches Association and Swim America.

Loop recently stopped by her school to see her tiny students in action. At first, one's natural instinct may be to jump in and pull the babies out of the water, but that initial fear quickly dissipates as the tiny tots naturally glide through the water, a testament to Alonzo's coaching skills.


According to healthline.com, infant swimming engages your baby's body in a completely unique way, creating billions of new neurons as he/she baby kicks, glides, and smacks at the water.

It's actually advised that children learn to swim as early as possible since the older they get, the more fearful and negative they can get toward swimming. Infant swimming can also improve cognitive functioning (which can later lead improve reading skills, language development, academic learning, and spatial awareness), improve coordination and balance, builds muscle, and teaches discipline. 

In fact, one Australian study of over 7,000 children found that children who swim have advances in physical and mental development in comparison to those who didn't swim.

If you'd like to enrol your child in swim school, visit Auntie Ashley's Swimming School on Facebook, email auntieashleyswimming@gmail.com or call, WhatsApp/ text at 742-6055.

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