Monday 19 November, 2018

Watch: Barrackpore residents protest over bad roads

Residents in the Barrackpore area protested on Friday, calling for repairs to bad roads in the area. 

Councillor for Barrackpore West, Kumarie Kuarsingh said she sympathised with residents regarding the deplorable road conditions.


"Residents took to the street this morning protesting the terrible road conditions. Both private car owners and taxi drivers have lamented the damage being done to their vehicles. An increase in vehicle service and repairs, a rise in taxi fares and the impediment of pedestrian, driver and passenger safety is endured by citizens on a daily basis."

“Road repairs have not been done in years and the strain of additional expenses due to the bad roads is unfair to dutiful, tax-paying citizens. This is completely inexcusable and the government should take action now," she said. 

Kuarsingh is calling on the Minister of Works and Transport to take decisive action to repair the Papourie roadway from the Picton Presbyterian Primary School to No. 2 Junction Barrackpore in efforts to alleviate residents' distress.


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