Sunday 17 February, 2019

WATCH: Bird brain? Man caught skulking off with pet birds

A video showing one man who allegedly broke into a home and made off with their beloved pet birds has been shared online. 

Adrian Rampersad, of Princes Town, shared the CCTV footage showing one masked man who he said broke into their home in the wee hours of Friday morning, nabbing the family's pet birds. 

"This mc cut the fence walk in at 2.30am this morning and took all my dad expensive birds," Rampersad said.


Citizens slammed the act, calling for the man to be apprehended. 

Crystal Jamie Sieunarine:

"Gosh this set of pests that live in our society sickening...Can’t enjoy nothing again with these lowlifes. Really sry for your loss."

Carol Billy: "These people are like every f*cking thing they stealing....oh gosh man."

Devin Maharaj: "It have to be someone from right around your area and someone who also likes birds. Look at this video over and over..have other young persons look at it also."

Nell Sade Collins: "Those birds sell for a lot of money according to the type n how well they are trained daz y he would steal them they valuable."

Anyone with information on this incident is urged to contact the authorities on 555, 999 or 800-TIPS.

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