Friday 14 December, 2018

WATCH: Boat spotted leaking oily substance into Chaguaramas Bay

One citizen is calling on the authorities to investigate a boat which was seen leaking a black oily substance into the water at Chaguaramas Bay. 

Stephen Bushe shared a public post to social media showing video footage of the vessel which was leaking large quantities of a black oily substance. 

"EMA CDA please check this vessel ! Oil spill source located in Chaguaramas," he said in the accompanying caption. 


The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) said it carried out fingerprinting to determine the source of an oil spill which occurred on Sunday October 15, causing damage to coastlines in and around Chaguaramas Bay. 

The IMA said on Monday a team along with a representative from the Energy Ministry carried out a marine survey of the oil-impacted areas in Chaguaramas Bay. 

Oil samples were collected for fingerprinting and water samples to measure dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons (DDPH) at oil-affected sites. 

Preliminary oil fingerprinting analyses conducted by the IMA on two samples collected at the most impacted areas in Chaguaramas (Point Gourde and Crews Inn), indicated that the samples are characteristic of “bilge oil’, and not crude oil or refined oil in origin.

On Wednesday, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) said the contamination had been contained

No one has yet been detained in connection with the incident. 

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