Thursday 24 January, 2019

WATCH: Brazen bandits smash, rob Arima store

One brazen robbery at a mobile phone store in Arima left customers shocked and traumatised.

Video footage showed customers were browsing at the mobile phone store, located at a mall on Green Street, Arima, when two men wearing hats calmly walked over to the booth with equipped with hammer-like objects and began smashing the showcases. 


Customers quickly scattered as the men proceeded to take the items in the showcases. 

Citizens expressed shock at the brazen robbery.

E Gabriel B-a:

"Is this trinidad? So the people who was surrounding these thief's couldn't hold the two fellas an beat them with that same hammer they came wid... stupessss everyone like d joke yes... police not helping us inno is we have to help each other."

Khadine Maria Simon:

"Where is the security guards and police who suppose to be making patrol. What happen to Trinidad and Tobago."

Miguel Boss: 'Things hard under this government people getting desperate now."

Andre Dickie:

"What so shocking here? Just a normal day in Trinidad and Tobago. We are ranked the most dangerous place in the Caribbean. Not seeing no harsh measures from the government to show that they want to get on top of this. If we want ppl to invest here, how it gonna happen if they don't feel safe? Jus like they can increase traffic laws, increase jail time, three strikes and u out, no bail for illegal gun possession etc."

Sherwyn Baksh:

"Sad thing all the Arima police does do is to walk round with ticket book and share ticket."

In a separate incident, a cashier was admired for her calm demeanour as a Chinese restaurant at which she was on duty was robbed last week.

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