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Friday 14 August, 2020

Watch: Caravan with families, children, makes its way to US border

Several-thousand migrants trudged along the highway between Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico city on Monday, catching lifts from passing vehicles when possible.

Running when a truck stopped in a security barrier booth or on the highway, they rushed to get places on all kinds of transportation. 

Lourdes Ramirez and her partner, Genesis, both 18 years old, hugged each other in a truck with dozens of other migrants.

They said leaving Honduras and trying to enter the US was not the plan they had for their lives, but after the killing of Ramirez's brother, the lack of opportunities in the country and the expectation of a bright future in the States created by the people walking in the caravan, they decided to join it. 

The couple wants to work hard to help their families that remain in Honduras.

Near them is Evelyn Parma and her eight-year-old son, Carlos.

Both walked a long way from Honduras to Mexico.

Parma's two oldest children – a boy and a girl, 14 and 15 years old- stayed in Honduras with her sister. 

As with most of the people, Evelyn said that she is not afraid of what can happen once they arrive at the US border, where thousands of soldiers will be deployed by President Donald Trump's administration to prevent the migrants entering.

She is hopeful of having a chance to cross and meet with her relatives in Houston.

As US midterm election day nears, US President Donald Trump has seized on the caravan and portrayed it as a major threat, even though such caravans have happened regularly over the years and largely passed unnoticed.

He ordered thousands of troops to the US-Mexico border when the migrants were still hundreds of miles to the south, threatened to detain asylum seekers in tents cities and has insinuated without proof that there are criminals or even terrorists in the group.

Amilcar Lopez, whose wife was killed in Honduras, was walking with his two children and his new partner and her baby. 

They too were planning to arrive in Mexico City, where thousands began to fill up a sports stadium, and from there to continue their way to the border.


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