Sunday 21 October, 2018

WATCH: Cars drive by as man is stuffed into car trunk

Video footage showing two men who appeared to be forcing a third man into the trunk of a car has shocked citizens, who condemned the drivers who passed by and did nothing.

The video, which was allegedly filmed over the weekend along the Lady Young Road near the Hilton Hotel, has been submitted to the authorities.

According to reports, police responded and intercepted the car after a call was made providing information on the incident. 


Some condemned those who drove past, while others warned of the threat to life in situations such as these.

It was also suggested that drivers feared that the situation may have been a trap to lure unsuspecting passersby in order to rob them or carry out other crimes. 

(Photo: The car from the video and two suspects were detained after a report was made to the police by phone.)

Gerald Khan:

It is amazing how no one stopped and protested but while the police carry out lawful arrest one seta people surround."

Mitchelle Mc Donald:

"Hummmm look how ppl don't have heart for others again so many vechiel (vehicles) passing n nun could stop to help n these devils don't care either hummmm no remorse for humanity."

Mervyn Wade:

"Is how no one stopped...simply because everyone is already instilled with fear for their own lives in a situation they not even involved in."

But others said the safest measure would be to report the incident and leave the situation to the authorities.

Nerissa Rissa Agard:

"The way how things going someone may stop and help and end up being the victims. Is a 50/50 world out here. Just my view."

Keri J C McMillan:

"Everybody that commenting about "no one stopped" before you type that foolishness ask yourself this question. Would you have stopped?? Who In their righted mind would see something like that and stop to help unless u looking for ah early calling to yuh maker."

Citizens are advised to report any suspicious incidents to the police via 555, 999, or 800-TIPS.