Friday 4 December, 2020

Watch: Centrascape's top trending house plants

The house plant craze isn't set to end anytime soon and the top plants in demand at Centrascape Garden Centre are proof of this.

Director and Plant Mom Chandra Beharry got behind the scenes with Loop News to list some of the hottest trending house plants on offer at the moment.

Some of the pros of these plants are the 'wow' factor they lend to indoor spaces; however Beharry says there are also a myriad of plants on offer for outdoor spaces as well.

See the video below:

Video produced by Winston Sobers.


Some of the most in-demand plants include the Fiddle-Leaf Fig or ficus lyrata, philodendron monstera, aglaonemas or Chinese evergreens, as well as other tropical and fruit trees. 

Some of the key tips for these plants are to monitor the requirements for light, soil, water and humidity, to ensure they remain pest-free and to give them adequate drainage.

Another trend taking centre stage is the terrarium, a glass display for exotic plants. 

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