Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Watch: Chinese man scales 3rd floor window to hold up trapped toddler

A heroic man held up a two-year-old boy hanging from the third-floor window for 20 minutes after the boy's neck got stuck in the security rails.

In the video, filmed in Zhuhai City in southern Guangdong Province on Thursday, one can see the boy getting his head stuck in between the security bars of a window, becoming trapped and shaking in mid-air. Several people can be seen holding a bed sheet open under him.


Then, a man named Su Tianwang can be seen climbing to the second floor with his bare hands and holds the boy in his arm. After firefighters arrived, they cut the security bars open and took the boy back into the house.

Su held the boy up for 20 minutes from the side of the building until he was rescued.

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